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Party Planning Hints and Tips

This section is provided to answer many questions often asked and to avoid many problems often encountered when planning parties and children’s events.

Weekends are always very busy in the children’s entertainment field especially during the spring and summer months. For this reason we suggest you plan 4-6 weeks in advance. We will certainly try to accommodate any notice even at the last minute. Weekdays are usually very easy to cover and we suggest you plan these at least a week in advance. Since weekends are the busiest time, we require a deposit for any performer booked on a Saturday or Sunday. The deposit goes toward the full amount and is not refundable. A deposit may be sent in by check or money order or put on a credit card.

We suggest you schedule the entertainment before or around the same time you reserve your location so we can try to accommodate specific times.

Plan to have guests arrive before the entertainer is scheduled so you can be sure everyone will be there when the performer arrives. Most performers need very little setup time and are usually very prompt.

Our performers will try to accommodate any amount of children however with Birthday parties these performances go over best with groups of 15 or less. Basically; the more children you have at a party, the less individual attention they will get (excepting the Birthday child who is always the focus of attention)

When planning a company picnic or corporate function with 20 or more children, it may be wise to schedule several performers or have one for a longer time.

During the late spring and summer months we perform a lot of outdoor events. When planning an outdoor event it is important to have the performer and the children in a shady area. Most costumes are extremely hot despite efforts to keep cool even indoors. Children cannot enjoy a performance if they are hot and miserable as well.

Most entertainers have a set routine they perform which they have found through their many years of experience what works best. Every party situation is different and the performer will try to do as much as they can with the age group and the amount of children. In most cases we suggest to let the performer carry on his or her routine as they see best. Trying to orchestrate a performers’ routine for them often results in dissatisfaction.

Tipping is always appreciated. If you feel your performer has gone out of his or her way to do an extra special job or if your performer has dealt with a large amount of children or grueling conditions then tipping is certainly a good way to let them know your appreciation.