Hot Dog Grill Cart

Hot dog Grill Cart

This large, carnival-style hot dog cart w/ umbrella and 12" rolling wheels is similar to those seen on busy, big-city street corners.

  • 3 built-in condiment pans
  • Compartments for buns and keeping cooked food warm
  • Back shelf for storage
  • Side shelf for hanging utensils
  • Side-insulated interior ice chest for keeping drinks cold!
  • Sun Protection Umbrella
  • 53.0"L x 19.0"W x 48.0"H

Hot Dog Grill Cart with Umbrella
Price: $75.00 (cart only)
Discounts are available for multiple machine rentals

hot dog rental cart

This hot dog stand is a fun way for guests to select and make their own hot dogs at a home picnic or party, and is also great for organizations to use at ball games, fairs and other special events. Comes complete with a roller to cook hot dogs, plus 5 separate, covered compartments to hold buns and condiments, to keep hot dogs warm -- and an end compartment that's perfect for keeping canned or bottled drinks cold. Cooks up to 8 hot dogs on the heated roller and up to 3 packages of hot dogs in each enclosed steamer.

Rent a Hot Dog Cart for your Birthday Party, Office Party, Sporting Event, Family Reunion, Fundraiser or any special occasion.

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