Bounce House Rules

To have a safe and fun party, you will need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Children are not allowed to enter the bounce house without constant, responsible, adult supervision at all times.
  • Please keep food, chewing gum, and drinks away from the bounce house.
  • To prevent injury to others, no flips, wrestling, running, climbing the net walls, pushing or any aggressive behavior while inside the bounce house.
  • Children of the same age and size should use the unit at the same time to avoid increasing the risk of injury. 
  • Recommended age groups and number of users:
           • Up to age 7: 10-12 users 
           • Age 8-12: 7-10 users
           • 12 and older: 5-7 users
  • Children should not lay down or sit while others are bouncing to avoid injury. 
  • If winds exceed 20 mph, it begins to rain, or any other unsafe conditions arise, please have everyone exist the bounce house and turn off the blower motor until conditions become safe to operate again.

               • Bounce house should remain inflated if it rains, but do not use until the rain stops.
               • Blower motor must be dried off with a towel before turning on again if it becomes wet.

  • If blower motor stops it may be due to an overloaded circuit or debris in front of the blower intake. Evacuate the bounce house calmly first, then reset the circuit breaker and/or clear any debris away from the intake. 
  • Do not move the bounce house or blower once it is setup. 
  • Absolutely no silly string is allowed in our bounce houses. Silly string causes permanent damage to the vinyl. You will be charged the full replacement value of the bounce house, plus any shipping and handling fees associated. 
  • No drugs and alcohol should be used in or around the bounce house. 
  • Do not slide down headfirst or run up the slide. Please use the stairs to go up, one person at a time. No tumbling, flipping, or rolling down the slide.
  • Any failure to follow these safety rules and lack of best judgment can result in serious injury or death. The adult operator should make sure the unit is properly supervised and all rules and regulations are followed.


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